Horror Fiction

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Book Three of the Vampire Gods of Kar’mi’shah.
When the vampire Kether Mica’tore suffers relentless dreams of the apocalyptic destruction of Kar’mi’shah, he returns to London to find the portal home both claimed and forcibly closed by humans. Enraged and suffering near fatal wounds at the hands of those humans, he finds himself alone in a city without allies, and uses half-remembered ancient magics to construct a nightmarish creature to help him battle those that would stop him.
Detective Constable Horseman is investigating a series of brutal murders that can only have been committed by vampires. Struggling to cope with their now accepted presence he must somehow come to terms with, and ultimately arrest, those responsible for such atrocities.
Gina Bryher is a young woman restarting her life as an archaeology student. Finding herself caught between new friendships, vampire awareness and the imminent cataclysm facing both worlds, she must cross the portal to Kar’mi’shah, face the destructive force that is coming, and assist in the ascension of the new pharaoh.


Hampton, England, 1172: After witnessing the death of her family in a frenzied witch-drowning ritual, Gaia, an eight year old girl, flees for her life. Alone and afraid, she stumbles upon a magical young boy who takes her on a journey to meet Calista, a spirit capable of harnessing both dreams and time, with promises of so much more.
Makara, Kenya, 2589: There are desperate times at the end of the human race. Kiala is a man living at one of the last stations on Earth, a planet where all life has been eradicated by snow and ice. With his future hinted at, could he hold the key to preserving what little life remains, and if so, why is Calistai intent on stopping him?
London, England, 1994: When Carly Maddison’s fiance is suddenly abducted under very strange circumstances and her fleeing brother is accused of his demise, she finds herself trapped in the depths of a dark and secret world. Her love for them both draws her deeper into that world, and if she is to discover both its rules and, ultimately, its solution, then she must face the past as well as the future, in order to learn truths that she would previously have thought unimaginable.
Witchcraft, alien abduction, ritual murders; all unfathomable mysteries, all with a human heart. Paul Stuart Kemp’s science fiction horror fantasy takes the reader on an extraordinary journey, where such mysteries are found to be sown into the human soul, unable to be removed, and unable to be revoked.


Book One of the Vampire Gods of Kar’mi’shah
An archaeological expedition to a desert region uncovers both an ancient temple with strange hieroglyphics as well as an old man with a story to tell. Merricah speaks of a creature that decimated most of two tribes, and relays the whereabouts of a magical box that contains the Master of Kar’mi’shah. He has remained in isolation inside the buried temple for hundreds of years, waiting for the tribes to return, and for someone to release his Master.
Jenner Hoard is a thief recently released from prison. Montague, his benefactor, does not want him to quit working for him, and already has two lucrative jobs lined up for an anonymous customer, a deal involving the Blood Of The Ancients, and the theft of a mysterious box from an apartment building in London.
Times have never been more desperate for the vampire community living in the darkest depths of London. Alexia is one such vampire who has a brutal encounter with The Howler of Westminster after a butchered corpse is found floating in the Thames.
Human vampire hunters, known as Skulkers, have become more skillful and connected over the years, and find easy prey in those demons who are too careless about their actions. Join Alexia as she struggles to survive in a dark and foreboding world, where even demons suffer anguish, and in death there is still a fight.


Book Two of the Vampire Gods of Kar’mi’shah
There is a gateway to paradise, and it exists in the most unlikely of places, the very heart of London. If someone owns it, it can be bought. If no one owns it, it can be claimed. The race is on to hold possession of the eighth wonder of the known world, and the name of that eighth wonder shall be called Eden.
Jenner Hoard is now a prophet for what few vampires remain in London, guiding those that would not open his throat towards the gateway that would lead them home. Catherine Calleh, the most vicious of all vampires, is forced to endure the mortal world she loathes as she searches for her dead husband now risen from the grave. Her journey between worlds will not be without suffering and loss, but only at its end will she learn the truth about love, hate and devotion, as well as the responsibility of existence itself.
Eden is the long awaited sequel to his best-selling novel Bloodgod, and continues the reader’s descent into the dark underworld of the vampire gods of Kar’mi’shah.


A young thief steals a mystical deck of cards, only to incur the wrath of their unnatural owner. A mother is tormented by forms that seem to move within the shadows of her house. A man stops at midnight to fix a flat tyre and sees eyes watching him from the blackness of the woods.
From malevolent ghosts to carnivorous cats, from street-walking angels to life-loving zombies, The Business Of Fear is a collection of twenty four dark tales that unravels the mind and makes us face our most primal nightmares.
With this book, his first collection of short stories, Paul Stuart Kemp takes us on an exploration of the human capacity for fear, playing on our emotions, and exploring what it means to be afraid.


In an old forester’s cottage in rural southern England, Irene and Michael Rider, a young married couple, decide one night to ‘play the ouija’. What they invite into their new home begins to take its toll not only on their lives, but also on the lives of those around them, and the lives of their, as yet, unborn children.
Trapped in a world in which they no longer have choices, they struggle to raise the idyllic family of which they’ve always dreamed.
The birds in the trees are watching them, waiting for some eternal event, but the ancient evil that sits behind their eyes has time on its hands, time enough to wait forever.
The Unholy takes the reader into his darkest world yet; a place of demonic possession, of nightmarish visions and creatures, and the destruction of an entire family. But only at the heart of this world can true values be found: the resilience of love, the sanctity of marriage, and what it means to be human.